Garden Advisory Committee

Below are the committee groups the community garden has formed.  If you are interested in becoming involved in one or more of these committees, please contact us.


Chairperson and Vice Chairperson – Coordinate and facilitate activities at the garden. Keep a running dialogue with the Knights of Columbus Liaison about the activities and needs at the Gardner Community Garden. They are the lead contacts for the garden to outside organizations. Duties include recruiting gardeners to fill needed roles, calling and facilitating advisory board and plot owner meetings.

Chairperson – Bill East

Co-Vice Chairpersons – Brian Boutte & Tom King


Communication Coordinator/Plot Management – manage garden members, assign plots, manage plot usage, maintain member contact info and plot assignments, plan plot sign-up, maintain waiting list, coordinate orientation day for new gardeners. Disperse information to garden members about GCG committee work events and GCG committee work events, website maintenance.  Maintain all communications between GCG plot members and committee as well as communications between committee members.

Communications Coordinator – Alisha Harding


Garden Maintenance/Groundskeeper/Common Area Beautification Planner – care and maintenance of common areas, pathways, borders, common gardens, etc.(mowing, cleaning, planting flowers).

Garden Maintenance & Beautification – Kelly Seiler


Records and Weights/Historian/Budget/Treasurer – Keeps track of fundraising efforts, amount of donated produce, garden purchases and statistical data for yearly growth comparisons.

Records, Charities & Budget Keeper – Norm & Lori Schutte


Events Manager/Public Relations/Newsletter – develop and coordinate garden and community events, create garden newsletters, public relations.

Public Relations & Events Manager – Danielle Cathey


Educational Program Coordinator – Plan educational topics, procure topic materials and instructors, and reserve class venues.

Educational Program Coordinator –


Grant Writer/Researcher – Search for and request funds and materials offered for the betterment of the garden.

Grant Writer –


Farm Tech – Plan and coordinate materials and labor for assigned crops from seeding to harvest.

Farm Techs –

Knights of Columbus Liaison – Assigned to the garden advisory board by the Knights of Columbus, council #10407.

Liaison – John Kliensorge


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