About the Garden

Gardner-KS-Community-GardenThe local Knights of Columbus Council is sponsoring a community garden in Gardner. Gardner Community Garden (GCG) is in honor of Dale and Marcelle Baker, longtime farmers from the community. The land for the garden is west of Westside Park ball field #3 and South of Sacred Heart Catholic Church (555 W. Main St).

GCG’s five acres will consist of one acre of plot gardens to be used by individuals, families, or groups to grow produce for themselves. Plots will be 15 feet by 23 feet and will rent for the season for $40 for one plot or 2 plots for $75. The remaining four acres will be used as a communal garden to grow bulk crops that take up more space (sweet corn, potatoes, onions, melons, and squash) and be tended by youth groups and local organizations. The produce from the communal garden will be offered first to the plot gardeners at a reduced price to supplement their crops, and the remainder will be given to those in need in the Gardner community.

The mission of Gardner Community Garden is to build an active and supportive community by increasing the access to freshly grown produce while educating and encouraging current and future generations of gardeners, as well as giving back through charitable contributions.

There is a dual goal for GCG:

  • Give back to our community here in Gardner. Produce not consumed by members or sold to cover seed costs will be donated to those in need in the community
  • Educate interested community members about how to grow their own food so they have a better understanding of what it takes to put our food on the table.

K-State Extension has offered to help with the technical/educational opportunities at GCG with curriculum and classroom guidance, as well as hands-on instruction.


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